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Schoenhut is oldest and best-known manufacturer of toy pianos in the world of music, providing a unique and inspirational experience for children since 1872.  Families around the globe have cherished the musical sounds their children make using one of the many Schoenhut toy pianos and accessories.  Schoenhut has been awarded the highest recognition for quality, safety, durability and overall satisfaction.  Organizations specializing in toys, music, and child development praise the experience gained by playing Schoenhut instruments.

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Beginning with the 18 key My First Piano, to the coveted 49 Key Pro Baby Grand, there’s a toy piano to fit any child.  The most popular selling pianos are the baby grand and upright models, each including a matching stool for the perfect playing experience.  All toy pianos include a songbook with matching color key codes that teach children proper technique and fun songs to play.

Schoenhut also has a wide range of accessory instruments including guitars, harps, drums, psalterys and melodicas.  These instruments truly create a well rounded musical experience for your child.

Experience the enjoyment of seeing your child begin their musical journey with a miniature piano or other instrument that delivers true, quality sound. Years from now they will thank you for your purchase and dedication to their musical interests.  We have received countless letters and emails from parents expressing their joy in seeing a child take hold of music and the impact is creates in their lives.  We hope that same for all.

SchoenhutToyPianos.com delivers musical enjoyment in your home by providing the Schoenhut instruments at a value that can’t be beat.

Explore and buy the best instrument for your family today.  All toy pianos and instruments are on sale!